Republicans Caught Engaging in Voter Fraud

Former GOP chairman charged with voter fraud

Steve Curtis, former Colorado GOP chairman who said last year that only Democrats commit voter fraud, has now been charged with voter fraud.


Trump claimed millions of illegal aliens engaged in voted fraud with no proof, however it appears his own staff, Steve Bannon has engaged in REAL voted fraud by being registered in 2 places.

‘Voter fraud’ found in the White House: Steve Bannon is registered to vote in two states

President Donald Trump may not have to look far to begin his “major investigation” into so-called voter fraud because his top White House adviser, Steve Bannon, is reportedly registered to vote in two different states. In a tweet on Wednesday, Trump defended his assertion that 3 to 5 million “illegal” voters caused him to lose the popular vote.

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Trump supporter charged with voting twice in Iowa

A woman in Iowa was arrested this week on suspicion of voting twice in the general election, court and police records show. Terri Lynn Rote, a 55-year-old Des Moines resident, was booked Thursday on a first-degree charge of election misconduct, according to Polk County Jail records.