Republican Voters are Stupid

Republicans are stupid

People Who Vote for Republicans are STUPID and Uninformed

Republicans are for the Rich and do NOTHING for Average Joe Americans, yet these stupid people keep voting for Republicans.

Here’s a list of some of the rotten things Republicans have done & are doing which is bad for American Citizens.

• Rigged the 2000 Election (proof on this site)
• Rigged the 2004 Election (proof on this site)
• Blocked Jobs Bill
• Passed Anti-Union Laws
• Blocked 5 Bills to Help Veterans
• Refuse to Increase the Minimum Wage
• Has engaged on a War On The Poor
• Blocked Campaign Finance Reform
• Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering & Voter Suppression
• Blocked medical help for 9/11 1st Responders
• Responsible for Jobs being sent Overseas due to Blocking Bills ending Tax Beaks for Companies sending Jobs Overseas
• Republicans Blocked extending Unemployment Assistance to Millions of Americans
• Infrastructure Bill Blocked by Senate GOP
• Blocked Wall Street Reform Bill
• Blocked Bill to Aid Small Businesses
• Blocked Bank Reform Bill
• Blocked efforts to pass mine safety bill
• Block Student Loan Bill
• Passed Laws Legalizing Discrimination Against Gays / LGBT
• Has engaged in a War On Women, Passing Anti-Women’s Rights / Anti-Choice Laws
• Blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee, held the seat open for 1 year against the will of the people because the majority voted for Obama.


Republicans are so stupid that when asked if Hillary Clinton should be impeached, they say YES even though she can’t be impeached because she isn’t the President.

They also said she should be she should be impeached for LYING, yet these same idiots support Trump who has lied over 12,000 times since becoming president.

Donald Trump Has Made More Than 12,000 False or Misleading Claims Since Becoming President: WaPo

President Donald Trump has been caught making 12,019 false or misleading claims since taking office, according to the The Washington Post’s Fact Checker’s database. The tally was last tabulated on Aug. 5, the president’s 928th day in office, and includes 190 lies that the Mexico border wall is being built and 186 fibs about the U.S.


Dumb Republicans Compilation

65% of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim


Republican voters are so stupid that they voted for and continue to support TRUMP, a man who has not only admitted to abusing women, but many women has confirmed he abused them in the same manner he admitted to.


Republicans are so stupid that they voted for and continue to support an idiot who…

• Lies with Impunity (Over 1,000 documented lies since becoming President). Details…
• Exhibits Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and other mental disorders as stated by numerous Psychiatrists. Details...
• Obstructed Justice by Firing FBI Director to stop Russia Investigations
• Has been in violation of the emoluments clause since taking office
• Has made reckless provocationing taunts to North Koren Dictator which could lead to Nuclear War
• Claims the Press is “America’s Enemy”
• Claims negative news about him is “Fake News” unless it’s praising him
• Has the attention span of a child of 2 – 4 minutes
• Requires a folder of positive news about himself twice a day
• Insults, Lies & Engages in Character Assassinations to Demonize Opponents
• Engages in Insane Twitter Tirades
• Expects everyone to worship and praise him like a Dictator Details…
• Vengeful, Hateful, Childish, UN-Presidential Behavior
• Conducted the most hateful, mean spirited campaign in history
• Couldn’t accept the fact that he LOST the Popular Vote by Almost 3 Million Votes, so he LIED by claiming Hillary’s lead was due to “People who voted illegally”
• Crass, Loudmouth, Know-it-all Braggart who acts like he’s the Best at Everything yet has had Many Failed Businesses and Filed Bankruptcy Numerous Times
• Has No Humility, Rarely Apologies
• Shows No Empathy for Others
• Blames others & never takes responsibility when things goes wrong… takes credit for others work when things goes well
• Won’t Release his Tax Returns, possibly to hide Russian connections
• Admitted on tape he Gropes Women and “can do anything he wants” to women
• Made the Baseless claim that Obama had his phone lines tapped
• Claims He “Knows More Than the Generals”
• Said He’d Have His Opponent Investigated & Put In Prison
• Made Fun of a Handicapped Person
• Disrespected Veterans
• Called Mexicans Criminals & Rapists
• Condoned Punching Protestors in the Face
• Calls the media horrible people and dishonest when HE’s the one who’s dishonest and is a horrible person (Typical of mentally ill people… accuse others of what they do)
• Insulted President Obama for years by claiming he wasn’t a US Citizen
• Flip-flops on issues
• Praises Dictators
• Threat to First Amendment & Democracy
• Sues People who speaks out against him to Silence & Harass Them
• For Passing Anti-Woman’s Choice Laws & Appointing Anti-Choice Justices to the Supreme Court
• Hypocrite for saying he’s for American Workers but hires people in other counties to make products he sells
• LIED to his supporters claiming he would “Hire the Best People” but instead hired completely unqualified people to top level government positions like “Betsy Devos”, a Multi-Million Dollar Republican donor… giving her a “Gratuity” position as Education Secretary when she has NO Public Education Administration experience. Details…
• LIED to his supporters claiming he would “Drain the Swamp” but hired Goldman Sachs Millionaires / Billionaires who don’t give a damn about “average Joe Americans” to top level Government positions. Details…
• Failed to pay many of his employees and contractors what they were owed. Used the unscrupulous method of telling them he wasn’t happy with their work after they were finished, offering them less they were owed or get nothing. Details…
• Used medical excuses to avoid serving in the Military
• For Passing Anti-Woman’s Choice Laws & Will Appoint Anti-Choice Justices to the Supreme Court
• Immediately after becoming President, he had the Official Pages on Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights removed from the White House Website


Republicans are so stupid that voted for and continue to support Trump, who engaged in all of the above…


Trumps campaign promises and slogans we’re “Drain the Swamp” and “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer”.  As you can see by Trump’s horrible picks, his slogans and promises were lies believed by stupid, gullible people.

Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks are hard line Republican Millionaires and Billionaires who don’t give a dam about average Joe Americans.

Trump promised to “Hire the Best People” but is hiring the worst, most incompetent people imaginable.  Most Republicans who support Trump are so stupid that they are oblivious to all of this.


Republicans really fall for this nonsense: The GOP is the party of stupid, but its voters are the deluded ones

One wonders how Republican primary voters can listen to the disruptive, yet vague, stump speeches of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and believe that they have any specific plans to govern. A celebrated essayist, roundly criticizing the partisan divide, has written forcefully of “the Mob of Malcontents” who are quick to believe in “absurdity,” who are “daily nourished …

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