Republican Rep. Michael Grimm Threaten to Kill a Reporter

Video shows Republican Rep. Michael Grimm threatening to kill a reporter saying – ‘I’ll throw you off this f….ing balcony”.

Seems to be that GOP Rep. Michael Grimm should be arrested because it is a crime to threaten to kill someone.

Failure to arrest Michael Grimm is showing him preferential treatment.

He should also be removed from office.  More proof of how Republicans are Bullies!

Congressmen are “Public Servants” who are paid by tax payers.  They have a duty to answer ANY question asked by the news media.

Here’s more info about GOP Rep. Michael Grimm:

You can call the ethic committee chairman Michael Conaway and file your complaint about his reprehensible conduct at (202) 225-3605.

You can also tell Michael Grimm what you think about his conduct by calling his office at:  (202) 225-3371.

Indicted congressman puts GOP in grim state
Rachel Maddow reports that despite a 20-count indictment, GOP Rep. Michael Grimm will not resign, and the party may be stuck with him in 2014, with their next option being a former congressman whose career ended with a DUI arrest that exposed an affair.

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