I have always disliked overly macho guys and guys who look like hicks and act like rednecks.  It turns out that most of the guys who are rednecks vote for Republicans, so that’s another reason why I instinctively don’t like Republicans.

When I was in my teens & 20’s I was a skinny, long-haired musician. As such, I sometimes had to put up with stupid comments by rednecks who couldn’t mind their own business and who found it necessary to make stupid comments.

A band I was in had a gig in Lexington, KY.  When we were carrying our equipment into the club, there were some stupid rednecks setting at the bar.

One of them yelled at the bass player who was skinny, had long hair and wore glasses…

“Do you squat when you pee? he yelled with a stupid, hick, country accent.

The bass player of course ignored the idiot who made the comment.

That’s the type of conduct which is typical of rednecks. Dumb-asses who can’t keep their mouth shut or mind their own business… and looking for a fight to prove their dick is bigger than yours.

So to all of you Macho Republican Rednecks… F U