Peter Navarro Can EAT SHIT for Threatening Democrats

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Facing criminal subpoena, Trump aide Peter Navarro behaved like a RAVING LUNATIC threatening Biden, Pelosi, Fauci and other Democrats in MSNBC Interview

Justice Department prosecutors have served former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro a criminal grand jury subpoena after he was held in contempt of Congress for defying the Jan. 6 committee. In his first interview since receiving the subpoena, Navarro joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss his lawsuit against the Jan. 6 committee, warning Melber if the Republican Party returns to power in 2024 they will utilize legal tools against President Biden and their political opponents.

I’m FED UP with LAWLESS REPUBLICANS after how they RIGGED / STOLE the 2000 election (I have extensive proof), crammed IDIOT George W. Bush down our throats who caused thousands of Americans & Iraqis to die needlessly in an unprovoked war, stole Supreme Court Seats, ran up the debt with “Tax Breaks for the Rich” while refusing to make the rich pay their fair share, attempted to steal the 2020 election while LYING & FALSELY claiming “Trump Won” and accusing Democrats of stealing the election with no proof, MASS SHOOTINGS of Children in Schools where Military Grade Assault Weapons were used such as AR-15’s because they REFUSE to pass legislation which would make such weapons illegal.

RIDICULOUS Culture War & CRT nonsense, laws dictating what can be discussed in classrooms with huge fines of $10,000 against teachers for violations, their war on LGB & Transgenders, punishing Disney for exercising their freedom of speech, passing laws which Criminalize Assembly & Protests, Laws Legalizing Running over & Killing Protestors, Passing Anti-Choice Legislation Against Women, Turning the U.S. into a Gestapo Secret Police State by Placing $10,000 Bounties on anyone who helps a Women get an Abortion, Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Voter Obstruction, Voter Purges, Passing laws to Overturn Election Results they don’t like, Decreasing Voting by Mail, Decreasing Drop Boxes, Decreasing the Days & Hours people can Vote, Making it Illegal to give Food or Water to people waiting in Long Lines they’re responsible for causing to make it difficult to Vote, Conspiracy Theories, LIES and refusing to eliminate the Electoral College which made two (2) unpopular & unqualified Republicans Presidents, who the majority didn’t vote for.



With Women losing their rights to chose due to Republicans and Republicans blocking legislation to BAN assault weapons, they’re attempted Coup & Theft of the 2020 election exposed by House Democrats during June Hearings, plus Republicans outrageous insane hateful behavior the Americans people would be INSANE to let Republicans retake the House and/or the Senate.


Cuffed: Trump Aide Navarro’s Arrest Puts Heat On Coup Plot After MSNBC Confession

Peter Navarro is the first Trump White House aide to be indicted in the criminal investigation into the insurrection, after a dramatic Friday arrest, where Navarro complained agents “cuffed” and shackled him. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber conducted newsworthy interviews with Navarro which were cited by Congress as evidence to hold him in contempt — the same contempt that led to his indictment and arrest — and in this special report, Melber traces how Navarro’s once-secret role in a thwarted plan to overthrow the election emerged over time and is linked to the organized attempt to recruit state and federal lawmakers to try to illegally prevent then-President-Elect Biden from assuming office.


The improbable journey of Peter Navarro, from Democratic congressional candidate, to Trump’s trade advisor, to the latest person to be indicted in the plot to overturn the 2020 election.

IMO, Peter Navarro is a Disgusting Piece of Shit who can EAT SHIT for his involvement in attempting to STEAL / OVERTURN the 2020 election and for Threatening Democrats. Hope he ROTS in prison.


Michael Cohen REACTS to arrest of ‘Foolish’ Peter Navarro and Jan 6 Hearings

On The Beat with Ari Melber, former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen reacts to the indictment of Peter Navarro and tries to give him some words of wisdom from his own experience.


Can’t wait until Democrats exposes to the world how DIRTY ROTTEN LAWLESS REPUBLICANS tried to STEAL / OVERTURN the 2020 election, then LIED about it.


I’ll be eating popcorn and drinking Champaign when Dirty Rotten Lawless Bastard Republicans are getting exposed



IMO, Peter Navarro, Trump and every other LAWLESS REPUBLICAN who tried to STEAL and OVERTURN the 2020 election should be rounded up, ARRESTED and PROSECUTED FOR TREASON / SEDITION.






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