Ohio Elections Rigged by Gerrymandering

How The GOP Manipulated Ohio Elections

After winning single-party control of the state in the 2010 elections, Ohio Republicans set out to redraw the state’s congressional map to their advantage. What unfolded is one of the most egregious examples of partisan gerrymandering in modern history. Rather than working through the official legislative process which involved a bipartisan task force, Ohio Republicans and national GOP operatives rented a secret hotel room in Columbus, known as “The Bunker.” They designed a map that would give Republicans a 12-4 advantage over Democrats, when it came to “winning” districts, and therefore, congressional seats. This unconstitutional, partisan advantage is locked in until 2022, unless stopped.

Republicans has therefore RIGGED elections in their favor and proven they are Anti Democratic Authoritarians who belong in a Banana Republic.

John Dean, former White house counsel to Nixon, joined Keith Olbermann to talk about his book, “Conservatives Without Conscience,” which explains how Republicans are Authoritarians.


The United States is listed as a Flawed Democracy at #25 in the world.

There will be NO REAL DEMOCRACY in Ohio and the United Sates until gerrymandered maps are undone.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit seeking to replace Ohio’s gerrymandered map immediately with one that reflects the will of voters and complies with the Constitution.