North Carolina Republicans Suck

North Carolina Republicans appear to make one last attempt to stick it to incoming Democratic governor

This post has been updated to reflect comments from outgoing GOP Gov. Pat McCrory’s office saying they are not involved in this case. Legal experts say the timing of the petition to stop 2017 special elections — filed literally on the eve of McCrory’s departure — suggests politics is very much in play.

North Carolina Republicans Suck and are dirty no good rotten bastards for passing laws to strip the newly elected Democrat Governor of his power to Govern.  They are acting like spoiled brats because they lost and putting party above country.

North Carolina Republicans also suck for passing the controversial “Bathroom Law” against Transgender people.



FEB. 14 2017 UPDATE: North Carolina Supreme Court Blocked Republicans’ Unlawful Election Board Power Grab

The North Carolina Supreme Court Just Blocked Republicans’ Unlawful Election Board Power Grab

Shortly before North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper entered office, the Republican-dominated General Assembly passed a series of bills stripping power from the governor and shifting it to the Legislature. Perhaps the most egregious of these measures deprived the governor of his traditional authority over election boards, a power Cooper planned to use to reverse Republican-instituted voter suppression methods.

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