New Majority Agenda Ad EXPOSED

The New Majority Agenda Ad tries to make it seem Obama alone is responsible for running up a huge debt.  The New Majority Agenda ad fails to mention that the huge debt AND the depression began during BUSH’S Presidency.

During the 8 years Bush was president, he and Republicans ran up almost 10 Trillion dollars in debt, when there was a surplus before Bush took office.



Most of the money spent didn’t benefit regular Americans at all. By regular Americans I mean the middle class who makes less than $80K a year and the poor who make less than $20K a year.  A lot of the 10 Trillion dollars was wasted on things which benefited Republicans and the rich.

Unlike BUSH, money Obama spent has been to help the economy and to help regular Americans.

Democrats CARE about the middle class and the poor.

Republicans only care about the rich 1%  and corporations, and are  bought and paid for by Wall Street, Banks and Billionaires.  Romney said it himself… “I’m not concerned about the poor”  and “corporations are people”.

Republicans have done some rotten things to the American people during the past 12 years and the proof is in the videos and references on this website.  If you’ve only been watching Fox News, CNN and the big 3 Network News (CBS, NBC and ABC) you need to see and hear what they aren’t showing you.


If Romney gets elected and Republicans take over congress it will be the end of Democracy as we have known it. 

Republicans WILL steal this election if they can.  Many states are controlled by Republicans Governors and Republican Secretary of State who are in charge of counting the votes and certifying who gets awarded the electoral votes.

A famous quote which pertains to this is… “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes”.

As videos on this site documents… Republicans are doing everything possible to make it difficult for Democrats to vote.  Many Republican controlled states have already passed laws making it difficult for college students, minorities and the elderly to vote.

In other words, Republicans want to make it difficult for the type of people to vote who are likely to vote Democratic.  They want to tilt the odds in THEIR favor and to HELL with Democracy.  Hard to believe this is happening in the United States of America..

About a month ago, the Republican secretary of state in Florida Ken Detzner, began purging voters which even included a 91 old vet of World War II.   This is clearly an effort to remove as many Democrat voters as possible so they win this election no matter what.

Republican secretary of state in Florida Ken Detzner was recently ordered by the Department of Justice to stop purging voters under threat of being sued by the DOJ.  It has been reported that Republican secretary of state in Florida Ken Detzner has intentions of defying the DOJ and is continuing the voter purging.

This article explains how Jeb Bush and Republicans stole the election in 2000.

Many speculate that Diebold’s voting machines were rigged in the 2004 presidential election.  Why? Prior to the 2004 Presidential election Diebold’s CEO, Wally Odell, who was a Republican fundraiser stated  “I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president” .

There is much evidence on this site to support the fact that Republicans  rigged the 2000 and 2004 elections.  Watch the videos and read the material, then decide for yourself.

Republicans say they are for less government but when it comes to women and abortions, they have shown double standards in passing legislation in states Republicans control by restricting a women’s right to choose.

Republicans say they are for less taxes, but they have shown double standards in wanting to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while increasing taxes on the poor.  Don’t believe it? Watch this!


This SHOCKING video exposes how Republicans has no regard for the will of the people OR Democracy.  Michigan Republicans have passed over 546 bills under “immediate effect” and in some cases without even counting the votes as shown in the next video below.  Republican Governor Rick Snyder has installed Emergency Managers using the Emergency Manager Law.  These Emergency Managers can bypass and circumvent the power of  elected officials and do practically anything they want.

Fed up citizens created a petition to overturn the Emergency Manager Law.

A Republicans PAC in Michigan which calls its self  “Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility” blocked REAL Michigan citizens petition drive to get the Emergency Manager Law repealed by claiming the font size of the heading is smaller than required by Michigan Election Law.

Citizens should have the right to have this put on the ballot.  Using a font size to try and stop this from being put to a vote is the most ROTTEN, Betrayal of Democracy I have ever seen.   This is something you’d expect to see in a “Banana Republic”, NOT here in the USA.  This proves what I have said before… Republicans don’t give a DAM about Democracy. They just want to WIN at all costs…. democracy BE DAMNED!

Complaints should be filed to the Justice Department about this.


This video shows how Michigan Republicans are ramming legislation through which is going into immediate effect.  Note how Republican Michigan Speaker of the House subverts Democracy by not counting the votes.  This is an OUTRAGE and goes against everything democracy is supposed to stand for.

When you consider all of the UN-Democratic things Republicans has done and are doing, it is clear that THEY are the biggest threat to Democracy this country has ever faced.

Republicans have shown their disregard for Democracy by passing laws making it difficult for College students, minorities and the elderly to vote, and by purging voters in Florida.

In Michigan, Republicans have shown their disregard for Democracy by blocking citizens effort to put an issue on the ballots to repeal the Emergency Manager law which subverts democracy.

Michigan Republicans has shown their disregard for Democracy by putting laws into immediate effect even though they don’t have enough votes to do so and refusing to recognize Democratic Representative objections to their legislative railroading.

Republicans have shown their disrespect for women and the poor.

If you are fed up with Republican’s BS and find the Anti-Obama ad by misleading, offensive and an insult to your intelligence, you can send them an email and tell them what you think at

After all, they say in their ad to “Tell Obama” bla bla bla, so it’s only fair THEY get told how you feel about their ad.

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If you do as the ad suggests and type in your browser,  you will find that you get an immediate redirect to is reported to be a site which Republican strategist Karl Rove has ties to.