Marianne Williamson Acted Nuts at Democratic Debate in Miami, FL

Marianne Williamson, Longtime Wacko, Is Now a Dangerous Wacko

To most observers, Marianne Williamson’s quirky presidential candidacy is a footnote. She’s running at around 1 percent in the polls. Few Americans know who she is, even though she’s written a few best-sellers and has managed to qualify for the 20-person Democratic debate squad next week.

I had never heard of Marianne Williamson before. When she spoke, I was shocked by the ridiculous things which came out of her mouth and how her entire appearance changed while speaking. IMO, she looked and acted nuts.

I’m not alone in my opinion, an article at states;

“She is the person in the earliest episodes of a competition reality show who’s there so the producers can drum up silliness before they have to pick between the real competitors. She’s the wacky sideshow, the one everyone looks at askance”. (with a look of suspicion or disapproval)

As article at stated;

Marianne Williamson, Longtime Wacko, Is Now a Dangerous Wacko – For decades, Williamson said that medicines don’t cure disease but positive thinking does. Now she’s taking her quackery to a new and dangerous level: the anti-vaxxer conspiracy”.

I found her comments to be disruptive and nonsensical. It was as though they let someone off the street who rants and raves on a national debate stage by accident. She immediately proved herself to not be a serious candidate and was taking up space which a legitimate candidate should have been occupying.

Republicans Donate Money To Keep Marianne Williamson On The Debate Stage

She is a gift. And if she’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving, Republicans have to give a little bit. That gift is Marianne Williamson, the quirky self-help guru who wandered out of a Self-Realization Fellowship temple somewhere in Beverly Hills and onto the Democratic Party debate stage on Thursday night.

Some republicans felt that she was so disruptive that they have begun donating and encouraging other Republicans to give her donations to keep her in future debates.

The LAST thing we need is a Democratic candidate to be helping Republicans and Trump.

There’s NO WAY Williamson will be the Democratic candidate so if she cares about this country and wants to make sure Trump is defeated, she should DROP OUT.