Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Should Resign or Be Removed

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Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg should resign or be removed from office for refusing to prosecute Donald Trump when Manhattan prosecutor Mark Pomerantz stated he believes Trump is “guilty of numerous felony violations”.

The American people are FED UP with Two “Justice Systems”… one for the RICH and Politically well connected, and another for everyone else.


NY DA Alvin Bragg Refuses to Indict Trump: Candidates for NY Governor Pledge to Remove Bragg

Prosecutors owe the people they represent three things: transparency, accountability and candor. New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg has fallen down on the job on all three fronts. It’s no surprise that several candidates running for governor of New York — Democrats and Republicans alike — are pledging to remove Bragg form office if elected.

This video reviews how Bragg has failed on the transparency front, the accountability front and the candor front. Given those three strikes, Bragg should be out. Because justice matters.


How To Get Trump Criminally Charged

Even with all the potential obstacles, there are still ways current investigations can get Trump criminally charged. John Iadarola and David Cay Johnston break it down on The Damage Report.


Prosecutors leading Manhattan DA’s Trump investigation resign


Why is the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Sabotaging Trump Investigation?


NY DA Bragg Ends Trump Investigation, Misleads about Reason for Not Releasing Resignation Letters

“In recent days we learned that the two top prosecutors in the New York District Attorney’s Office heading up the criminal investigation into Donald Trump abruptly resigned. When the media filed requests to have NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg release the resignation letters of prosecutors Pomerantz and Dunne, Bragg’s office refused, saying the letters contained “too much information” and could compromise the “ongoing investigation.” The DA’s office also said that suggestions they had abandoned the case against Trump were “not true.” And Bragg even announced he was assigning a new top prosecutor to the Trump case. In short, Bragg conveyed to the public that the Trump investigation was full speed ahead.

As I set out in my MSNBC Daily piece (link below), I was skeptical of Bragg’s stated reasons for refusing to release the resignation letters. Indeed, it seemed unlikely that the two long-time prosecutors would have included all kinds of sensitive investigative information in their letters of resignation”.

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