Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Threat to the World

7 Scary Facts About North Korea

North Korea is one of the most secretive places on earth. Hidden away from outsiders a world unlike anything seen previously. A country controlled solely by one man: Kim Jong Un. Boasting an army of a million plus and a supposed nuclear capable weapon, this country has become a threat to global security and countries are taking note.


Ruthless Murderer Kim Jong Un executed 70 officials since 2011


Video title: ‘You Aren’t Scared Enough’ About North Korea | MSNBC

In the above video, North Korea expert Jeffrey Lewis breaks down the latest revelations about North Korea’s nuclear program and why American security forces may have passed on a chance to launch a “decapitation” strike.

Kim Jong-un keeps launching & testing missiles with the intention of perfecting them so they are capable of delivering nuclear bombs to cities in the United States. It is clear that we will eventually have a showdown with North Korea, so we should do it sooner than later.

If we don’t stop this lunatic dictator, North Korea will continue developing nuclear weapons which will be able to hit cities in the United States…. so we should take nutcase Kim Jong-un out now.


Pig Faced Ugly Kim Jong-un

I think the United States should launch a smart cruise missile which has Jong-un’s fat ugly face programmed in it which will hunt him down and GET his disgusting ass.