Josh Mandel Lies To Get Elected

NBC4 Exposes lies and exaggerations of Republican Josh Mandel in his  effort to win the 2012 Election against Sherrod Brown.

Seems Republicans these days feel it’s OK to lie. To them, the ends justify the means and it’s just part of their “do anything, say anything” to win tactics.   Look at all the lies and flip flops from Mitt Romney.

Josh Mandel has received more than 10 Million Dollars in special interest money to buy this elections.  Much is from hidden sources thanks to the Citizens United supreme court ruling which allows millionaires and billionaires to run attack ads while their identities remain hidden.

Just a few days ago Republicans voted against the DISCLOSE Act, which if passed, would have revealed the identities of political contributors for donations of over $10,000.

Republicans want to keep things the way it is and keep those Billions rolling in to CRUSH competitors in elections using LIES and FALSE attack ads.  They have no problem repaying “FAVORS” to Billionaires at the expense of the American people.

According to this article, the U.S. Department of Justice has sought records from the campaigns of U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel about donations he received from employees of a North Canton direct-marketing firm called Suarez Corporation Industries.



Republicans stole the election in 2000 & 2004, they engaged in voter caging & challenged voters in Ohio in 2004 and were responsible for the long lines in mostly Democrat voting districts.  Republicans have passed voter suppression laws in states they control to make it difficult for people to vote, they lie in their political ads,  they favor the RICH and want to tax the poor.  Republicans in Ohio recently tried to extend early voting in Republican voting districts, while limiting  early voting in Democrat voting districts, the Republican Speaker of the House in Michigan is passing laws illegally without a 2/3 majority. They have passed laws which violates women rights and the Republican party is now controlled by Tea Party Nuts and Religious Fanatics.

This may be the most important election in the history of the United States.  The Republicans agenda is clear… they want to DESTROY DEMOCRACY and they will SUPPRESS VOTES, CHEAT AND LIE to achieve their objectives.    They want to make the middle class and the poor SLAVES to the RICH.