John Ratcliffe: Partisan HACK

Title from Youtube: ‘No Evidence’ Trump DNI Pick Ratcliffe Prosecuted A Terrorism Case

Title from Youtube: “Trump Picks House Partisan To Be Intel Chief”

The president announced in a tweet that he would nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, to replace National Intelligence Director Dan Coats. Ratcliffe, a staunch ally of the president from a deep-red district, won accolades among the president’s allies for his questioning of Mueller.

Trump’s New Director of National Intelligence Is a Partisan Hack

If John Ratcliffe’s performance during last week’s Robert Mueller hearings constituted his audition for the role of director of national intelligence, it worked. On Sunday, the president announced that he was nominating the Texas Republican to replace the ousted Dan Coats at the top of the key intelligence agency, writing in a tweet that his ally “will lead and inspire greatness for the Country he loves.”


Dan Coats was ousted for disagreeing with Trump. John Ratcliffe, the president’s new pick to oversee the nation’s intelligence apparatus, is just another yes-man.


Mary Anne Marsh, a political analyst for Fox News, raised concerns  that Trump appeared to be consolidating his control over the U.S. intelligence community with the nomination of GOP Representative John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence.

“It’s more about protecting Trump than America,” Marsh, who previously served as a senior adviser to Democratic Senator John Kerry, warned during a segment of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom on Monday. “John Ratcliffe has been all over the investigate the investigators [probe], who’s doing that right now? [Attorney General] Bill Barr, so Donald Trump has consolidated his control over the intelligence committees at a time when he’s given Barr unprecedented access and control over all the intelligence information, which we’ve never seen by an attorney general before,” she said.

“Now he adds Ratcliffe,” the analyst asserted. “So this is Trump locking down the intelligence community for his purposes, not national security purposes.”

IMO, John Ratcliffe is another LAWLESS Republican Partisan & Trump Brown Noser who don’t care that Trump Obstructed Justice,  who refuses to hold Trump accountable for his crimes and for his outrageous, UN-Presidential behavior.

IMO, Ratcliffe is TOTALLY unfit to be the Director of National Intelligence.


Mueller Report Proves Trump Obstructed Justice