John Kelly LIES to Defends Worst President Ever, Trump

Who Trump’s White House Chief of Staff John Kelly?

This is the guy we have to thank for Trump’s internationally condemned immigration policies. General John Kelly went from overseeing Guantanamo Bay, to Homeland Security,


Why one punch wasn’t enough for John Kelly

The White House and Chief of Staff John Kelly defended Trump aide Rob Porter even after ex-wives accused Porter of domestic abuse, using photo evidence in one case, before changing course late Wednesday. Lawrence O’Donnell asks why the W.H. and Kelly took so long?


On 10/20/17 a video surfaced which proved John Kelly to be a LIAR who used the deaths of two FBI agents to launch a vicious and dishonest attack to SMEAR & DEFAME Afro-American Congresswoman, Fredricka Wilson.

John Kelly has proven to be a partisan HACK who will do / say ANYTHING to defend Worst President Ever Trump.

Another example of what Hateful, No-Good, Reality-Free, LYING Rotten Bastards Republicans are.


John Kelly engaged in a partisan attack by defending Republican President Trump, the Worst & Most Indefensible President in US History while attacking & DE-Humanizing a Democrat Afro-American Congresswoman, Fredricka Wilson.


John Kelly Has Lost The Benefit Of The Doubt

Lawrence O’Donnell says Chief of Staff. Gen. John Kelly’s refusal to apologize for a false story he told about a Congresswoman means Kelly has lost the benefit of the doubt that it was an innocent mistake of memory.