John Bolton Idiot & Warmonger Nut

Description from youtube: John Bolton is known for anger issues, verbal abuse, hating the UN, and helping President Bush invade Iraq — now he’s in charge of our national security


In my opinion, John Bolton is an Idiot, Warmonger Nut who has no credibility and Trump is nuts for hiring him to be the new the National Security Advisor. It is especially hard to understand why Trump would consider hiring Bolton when for years, Trump stated that the Iraq war was a disastrous mistake.

John Bolton was part of the effort to mislead the US into the disastrous Iraq war and has supported military action against North Korea and Iran. He was too extreme to be confirmed as UN ambassador in 2005 and is the wrong person to be national security advisor now.

Bolton’s judgement has proven to be flawed. He has no place in a leadership / management position in which he can make decisions which affect millions of people.

John Bolton, A Chickenhawk Bully Who Reflects Trump Perfectly

When Donald Trump mentioned the other day that he is “finally” assembling a cabinet and staff that please him, he was foreshadowing this week’s appointment of John Bolton – a dubious figure whose characteristics and history resemble nobody so much as Trump himself.

The above article states of Bolton; “Like Trump, Bolton is a tough-talking draft-dodger. While Trump cited “bone spurs” in one of his feet as a reason to avoid the Vietnam draft, Bolton — a Goldwater conservative — dodged service in the war he vocally endorsed by joining the Maryland National Guard.  “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy,” he said in 1995. “I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.” Now this pair of chickenhawks may well send other young men and women to their deaths in war”.