Joe Biden is 2020’s Hillary Clinton

In an exclusive interview with Ari Melber, Michael Moore slams VP Joe Biden, calling him ‘this year’s Hilary.’ Moore argued Biden ‘is not going to excite the base to get out there and vote on November 3rd,’ adding the majority of people voting in the election “are either women, people of color or young people.”

I agree with everything Michael Moore has to say about Joe Biden… that he’s the Hillary Clinton of 2020 and I fear if he’s the Democrat 2020 nominee, he will LOSE to Trump.

Weather Joe Biden & his son are guilty or not of the scandals he’s accused of by Trump and his band of treasonous pirates, it doesn’t matter, because they will HAMMER Biden to the point everyone will believe he’s guilty.

Biden is also old, Boring and will not motivate anyone to vote for him. Most of the votes he would receive would be against Trump.


I can’t stand how WIMPY & Boring Biden is… how he’s against “Lock him up” chants against Trump. More than any human being on this planet, Trump DESERVES “Lock him up” chants every place he goes.

Sometimes I can’t believe how STUPID Democrats are, that they are choosing Biden as the top Democratic candidate. I’m suspect of the whole polling process. As I said in another post about Biden,  I don’t trust polls showing Biden is ahead of all other Democratic candidates. The fact is that most people who still has landline phones in 2019, (which pollsters call most frequently) are old and they are the ones who are supporting Biden. I have NEVER received a polling call and don’t know anyone who has.

Democrats need a SCANDAL FREE candidate who is not controversial. Sorry, but that leaves out Pete Buttigieg who I like, think is a decent person, very intelligent and fit to be President.

The problem is that this country is full of the most ignorant, stupid, prejudice people on the planet including religious fanatics, homophobes and bigots. These ignorant people would never accept gays in the White House or a “First Man”.

If you think right-wing wackos treated Obama bad…it’s nothing compared to how they would treat Buttigieg.

If Buttigieg were to be the Democratic nominees, Republicans would plaster photos like the one above all over TV and the Internet with captions like “Does this represent YOUR values?”.

The religious right would go nuts posting negative ads. Many would believe having gays in the White House would arouse God’s wrath and be the downfall of this country. I know how they think because I grew up around these type of people. It might motivate them to vote against Buttigieg more than they did against Hillary.

I’m just being real and speaking the truth which most people are either too afraid to speak or too naive to consider.

Our survival and what little democracy we have is at stake. We need a scandal free candidate who is under 60 who can WIN.

The type of candidate I’m looking for would be Sargent (or higher rank) from the military with a “I’ll kick your ass if you mess with me” attitude. They would LEAD “Lock him up” chants and call out Trump’s lawlessness, vengeful, childish, outrageous, UN-Presidential behavior and insane Twitter tirades.

Use terms like the “Biggest Liar in History”, “Worst Fake President in History”, Con Artist, Nutcase, Lunatic, Psychopath, Idiot, Dumb Ass, Bigot, Disguising POS, Putin’s Puppet, Manchurian Candidate, Wanna-Be-Dictator etc. in their speeches.

They would talk about how Mental Health professionals claim Trump is a Narcissistic Psychopath who is a “Clear & Present Danger”. They would invite Physiatrist and Mental Health professionals to speak at rallies about what a nutcase Trump is.

When the 2020 Presidential debates occur, all of the women who accused Trump of Sexual abuse should be invited to the debates and seated in the FRONT ROW, just like Trump did to Hillary Clinton using women who accused her husband of Sexual Abuse.

Much of politics is about raw emotions and the ability to fire up your base. In this regard, Trump may be one the best at doing this, other than Hitler.

Here’s a list of items Democrats should be HAMMERING Trump on every day.



Stop saying Biden is the ‘most electable’. Trump will run rings round him | Nathan Robinson

Supporters of Joe Biden are unlikely to be persuaded by most of the common criticisms. They know he can be rambling and unintelligible. They know his record is unimpressive and that he doesn’t really have “policy proposals”. None of this matters, though, because to them he has the most important quality of all: he can beat Donald Trump.