Is Gay Basher McCleish C. Benham a Republican?

This video shows McCleish Christmas Benham, from Shelbyville Tennessee, attacking a man in a airport for no reason other than he apparently thinks is gay.

Benham called his pink-shirt wearing victim multiple anti-gay slurs because, “This is America. That’s why,” according to police.

Details here …

This is the type of behavior you see out of dumb-ass bully rednecks.

I think Benham should be charged with Federal Hate Crimes.  There is no excuse for such conduct and being drunk should not be allowed as an excuse.

According to this article, the airport gay-basher had prior police records for theft and animal abuse –

It is not known for sure if the guy Benham attacked really is gay.  There are a lot of guys who look gay but are as straight as can be.  And there’s guys who look and act like John Wayne who are as gay as can be.  No matter how someone looks or acts, they should not be judged, discriminated against or mistreated.  “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

Republicans have proven to be anti-gay. A recent example is how Arizona Republicans voted for a bill which would have allowed business owners to discriminate against anyone who they felt might be gay.  Details here…

So one can’t help but wonder if McCleish Benham is a Republican or comes from a family who votes for Republicans?  Given Republicans track record of hate towards gay’s, this is a legitimate question.

Those who use religious reasons to hate & discriminate against gays should consider the fact that God made everyone & everything.  Studies have shown that most people who are gay were born that way… it was not a choice.   Therefore, God created Gay people and God would not approve of anyone mistreating them.

As shown in the video above, research finds that conservative ideologies can contribute to prejudice.