Good Riddance Bill O’Reilly

Video Title: Bill O’Reilly on latest Accusations “IT’S ALL CRAP”

O’Reilly’s big mouth and bad attitude has at long last been silenced. It’s amusing hearing him in the videos above engage in self pity.

(Liberals Laughing at Bill O’Reilly)

After all of the Millions he’s made for years, he’ll continue to live far beyond the means of most Americans so I don’t feel sorry for him at all.

The world is a better place with O’Reilly off of TV and fading into obscurity were he belongs. In not too many years, people will forget he ever existed.

Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Fox & Friends needs to go next. Fox Fake News has done more to divide and destroy this country than any foreign enemy.


After what an abrasive asshole O’Reilly has been, he deserved to be fired and it should have happened years ago.

Just my opinion, which I’m entitled to under the 1st amendment.


Megyn Kelly: I Complained About Bill O’Reilly’s Behavior

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly hit back at a New York Times report revealing that he’d settled a sexual harassment claim for $32 million, saying through a spokesman that the article had “maliciously smeared” him and that no one in 20 years had ever complained to Fox News’ human resources or legal department about him. On Megyn Kelly TODAY, Megyn Kelly disputes O’Reilly’s statement that no one ever complained about his behavior


Bill O’Reilly Accuser Juliet Huddy Speaks Out

Juliet Huddy, a former anchor for Fox News Channel who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment, and her lawyer Douglas Wigdor talk to Megyn Kelly on Megyn Kelly TODAY about the culture at Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Huddy’s decision to sign a non-disclosure agreement after reaching a settlement with Fox.


Bill O’Reilly Harassment Settlement Deal Required His Accusers to Lie

He called his show “The No-Spin Zone.” But in court papers, he tried to force his accusers to lie. A federal judge on Tuesday ruled against Bill O’Reilly’s motion to seal the settlement deals he made with several women who accused him of sexual harassment.