George Zimmerman Guilty

In my opinion, George Zimmerman is guilty of Murdering Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman instigated the encounter, killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed BOY who was minding his own business, therefore (in my opinion) Zimmerman should have been convicted of Murder.  This is so simple that it’s hard to understand why any reasonable person would not agree.  Since Zimmerman unlawfully pursued Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman had no right to use a “Stand your ground” defense.

Trayvon Martin was the one who was forced to stand his ground to defend himself against George Zimmerman.

Our justice system is terribly flawed and changes are needed.

A juror should be able to vote “guilty” if after hearing all the evidence, they feel the defendant is guilty.  Instructing a jury they are only allowed convect someone based on “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is unreasonable and has allowed other murders like Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson to be found not guilty.

“Beyond a reasonable doubt” is such a ridiculously high threshold that a juror must almost see the defendant committing the crime before they can vote “Guilty”.

The fact remains Trayvon Martin was minding his own business and George Zimmerman had no authority or business stalking / pursuing Trayvon.  George Zimmerman was told not to pursue  Trayvon Martin and if he had did as he was told there would have been no problems.

I also think the parents of Trayvon Martin should pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against George Zimmerman and ask for millions in damages

It seems that support for George Zimmerman being innocent or guilty is split down party lines in which Republicans support George Zimmerman and believe he acted in self defense while Democrats believe George Zimmerman is guilty of murder.

Part of this support appears to be from Republican NRA members.

It seems that many Republicans has little sympathy for Trayvon Martin because he’s black and because of his past which includes drug use.

Once again, Republicans are on the wrong side of another important issue.


9/9/13 UPDATE: Police investigating incident between George Zimmerman and his wife

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