Fox & Republican Conspiracy Theories Debunked


Shepard Smith Dismantles Bogus Devin Nunes Memo Narrative: “A Classic Weapon Of Mass Distraction”

Fox News’ lone credible and seemingly sane anchor, Shep Smith, destroyed the bogus Devin Nunes memo narrative on his show yesterday, calling it “a classic weapon of mass distraction.”


A Trump DOJ appointee says releasing a secret FBI memo would be “extraordinarily reckless” and the “secret society” smear on the FBI is demolished by facts.


Anatomy of a (debunked) conspiracy theory

CNN’s Anderson Cooper discusses GOP lawmakers’ reaction to the released text messages exchanged between two senior FBI officials after the 2016 election.


Mike Flynn Admits Lies, Eviscerating Trump Conspiracy Theory

A Federal Judge demolished the Trump-Fox News conspiracy theories surrounding the Michael Flynn guilty plea, getting Flynn to admit under oath that he “was aware” lying to the FBI was a crime. Ari Melber walks through the different arguments made by Trump and right-wing media claiming a conspiracy on the part of the Mueller probe, demonstrating how these were rejected in court.


How a baseless conspiracy theory grew around Seth Rich’s murder

The story of Seth Rich’s death, and the baseless conspiracy that grew from it, is a story of how fake news spreads. From websites and online forums like Reddit to primetime cable TV, people claimed he was the source of the DNC emails about the Clinton campaign that WikiLeaks released last summer, giving Trump supporters fuel to discredit the investigation into Russian meddling


Seth Rich’s family sues over conspiracy theories

The parents and brother of murdered former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich are suing right-wing activists and media companies for pushing conspiracy theories about Rich’s death