Fox News Enemy of America

Ex-Fox News Reporter Shreds and Exposes The ‘Partisan Misinformation’ At His Old Network

Opinion | Fox News Is Driving Us Toward A Constitutional Crisis

Fox News and “grave concerns” Sean Hannity have, through their own brand of propaganda, successfully manipulated the president of the United States into taking action that the FBI has about and that his own Justice Department described as “extraordinarily reckless.”

Fox Fake News Is Driving Us Toward a Constitutional Crisis


Trump, the Russians & Fox News

As the Mueller investigation is closing in, the White House is scrambling to discredit the messenger with a big assist from Fox News.

The above video shows how FOX / Hannity and his ILK are spreading LIES and propaganda to provide cover for “Worst President Ever” and Biggest LIAR Ever Trump.


Pro-Trump media’s dishonest Russia talking points

After Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of Russians in US election meddling, CNN’s Brian Stelter says pro-Trump media outlets are being dishonest in their talking points.


10 Fox News Lies


Lots of examples shown in this video of what hypocrites program hosts at Fox are…


Fox News Gets Busted Again & Again


Sean Hannity Confesses Using Fake Footage: “Jon Stewart Was Right!”


5 Times Fox News Got Debunked Immediately


Sean Hannity reaches peak partisan cuckery, promotes conspiracy theory involving a slain 27 year old DNC staffer to push back on very real Russia-Trump connection even after Fox News retracts story.’


Sean Hannity gets Busted by Keith Olbermann for making False claim against President Obama claiming that President Obama said Insurance Executives are “Bad People”.


Sean Hannity was all for NSA surveillance when George W. Bush was president, but now blames President Obama for NSA surveillance snooping and claims it’s a violation of the 4th Amendment.

What a 180!

This video proves beyond any doubt that Sean Hannity is a Hypocrite who is biased against democrats and President Obama, a shill for the Republican party and another Fox News Stooge.

Fox is the REAL Fake News but the die-hard people who watches shows like Hannity, Tucker and Fox & Friends are too STUPID to know their being lied to, too stupid to know facts from fiction and their being fed propaganda.

FOX FAKE NEWS has divided this country and is doing irreparable harm. Fox News has proven to be a Enemy of America and the American people by promoting Fake News Stories, Lies, Conspiracy Theories and Republican / Trump Propaganda.

How Bannon and Hannity’s ginned up Hillary Clinton uranium story became a congressional investigation

President Donald Trump has spent much of his presidency engulfed by congressional and criminal investigations into Russian efforts to help him win the 2016 presidential election. But today, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, announced he was joining a new congressional probe — one that appears to revolve around the purported Russian ties of Trump’s opponent in that race, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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The Propaganda of Saying Everyone Else is Propaganda For a left-leaning person who reads an above average amount of news, it can be shocking to imagine how anyone couldn’t see the failing of the Trump presidency.