Football Sucks

Scandals have dominated headlines for weeks and now, we’re hearing directly from the American people. A new poll shows just 27 percent approve of the NFL’s handling of recent domestic violence allegations.

As shown in the above video the NFL enjoys a special tax exempt status and pays NO taxes.

The NFL makes huge profits so like any other business, they should pay their fair share of taxes.  Click here to sign a petition to revoke the NFL’s Tax-Exempt status


Video exposes accusations of NFL players domestic abuse and the leniency the NFL shows in response to abuse issues.


NFL gets hit with fierce public scrutiny

Incidents of domestic violence throughout the NFL sparked heated debates among fans and sports commentators alike.




Football player Michael Vick’s Dogs were shot, electrocuted, hanged and beaten to death. Yet despite all of that horrible abuse, Vick has been allowed by the NFL to continue playing football and has been raking in big bucks.  According to various sources, the New York Jets recently signed quarterback Michael Vick to a one-year contract worth a reported $5 million.

Reminder: Michael Vick’s Dogs Were Shot, Electrocuted, Hanged and Beaten to Death

This weekend, the New York Jets signed quarterback Michael Vick to a one-year contract worth a reported $5 million. Vick, according to the New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers, arrives in New York “with some forgettable baggage from his former days as a dogfighter.” …Forgettable baggage, huh?

This proves that the NFL, the teams which have hired & pay him and the fans who watch and cheer him on are morally bankrupt.

The sadistic cruelty exhibited by Michael Vick to the defenseless animals he tortured and killed should never be forgotten or forgiven.

If the NFL had any principles Michael Vick would never play football again.  And if football fans had any principals and decency, they would boycott any teams or games he plays in.

Michael Vick does not deserve to be paid millions and live a comfortable life.  He should be shunned by society and live the rest of his life as a homeless person who sleeps on sidewalks and begs for his food.  That would be fitting punishment for his crimes.


Adrian Peterson, star player for the Minnesota Vikings, was reportedly indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child.

NFL players and staff can be convicted of domestic violence in a court of law and keep their jobs.  Click here to sign petition to tell the NFL that if someone is convicted of domestic violence, they should be kicked out of the NFL.

Seems that football is a sport which appeal to bullies.

I have always thought Football Sucks and that it’s a boring, stupid sport.  Hard to figure why so many people watches it and gets riled up over who wins or loses. It is also a dangerous sport in which high school & college students gets injured for life and some die from their injuries.  Statistics show that on average, 12 high school and college students die from playing football each year.

It seems baseball sets higher standards.  A baseball player who electrocuted dogs or punched his girlfriend out would ever be allowed to play baseball again.  One of the best baseball players, Pet Rose was banned for life for simply betting on baseball games.


15 Reasons Why Football Sucks Compared to Baseball

1. Any timed sport is inferior to a sport that isn’t timed. You can’t “knee the ball” to kill time in baseball. So long as there is one out left, the losing team can make a comeback. 2. Baseball has simple rules, but is infinitely complex, like chess.

15 Reasons Why Football Sucks Compared to Baseball