Fire and Fury Book by Michael Wolff Exposes Trump’s Imcompetance

Trump insiders ‘afraid for the country,’ says Michael Wolff

In his explosive new book “Fire and Fury,” exploring the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, Michael Wolff said the people closest to the president were “afraid for their own careers and for the country.” Wolff sits down with Judy Woodruff to discuss what he learned through his reporting and the pushback he has received, including from the president himself.


Steve Schmidt: President Trump W.H. As vile As ‘Monkeys Hurling Excrement’

A breaking New York Times story about Robert Mueller’s investigation collides with the accounts chronicled in Michael Wolff’s bombshell new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”


Lemon to Michael Wolff: Is Trump book gossip or journalism?

“Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff defends his book from criticism that it is full of inaccuracies and is tantamount to a work of fiction.


After ‘Fire And Fury,’ Is A President Trump W.H. Mass Exodus Imminent?

‘Fire and Fury’ author Michael Wolff says the Trump’s attacks prove the book’s point, that he is unfit to be president. Plus, a new report that several Trump White House staff are contemplating their exit strategy. Neera Tanden, Daniel Dale, & Jennifer Rubin join Katy Tur.