Eye for an Eye Justice

Man gets 19 years for throwing a boy from a balcony at Mall of America

A man was sentenced Monday to 19 years in prison for throwing a 5-year-old boy from a third-floor balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America.

Man who threw boy, 5, off high mall balcony waited to hear onlookers’ screams

A loner who hurled a child off a third-floor balcony at one of the US’s largest malls waited around to hear eyewitnesses’ screams before fleeing. Emmanuel Aranda wanted to hear the grim reaction after his sudden, shocking attack on five year-old Landen Hoffman at the Mall of America in April, it is claimed.

What was done to the innocent 5 yr/old boy who was minding his own business, is an outrage and makes the case for why we should have “Eye For An Eye Justice” in this country.

This boys entire life was ruined before it had a chance to begin and he will likely endure lifelong pain and suffering.

Since this man proved to be a heartless monster who didn’t give a damn about an innocent child, I think the sentence for that man should be for HIM to be tied up and thrown off that same balcony. If he survives the fall, the family of the boy should be able to beat the fuck out of him and torture him. If he is still living then he should be put in a medieval type prison with no medical help, no food or water until he dies.

Let me be clear… I’m not advocating illegal, vigilante violence… it’s my opinion that laws should be passed to legalize “Eye For An Eye Justice” for the most egregious cases.

Our Justice System is a mess…. murders are found not guilty while drug offenders gets life sentences.  

All too often our justice system coddles rapists, murders and thieves. They’re housed in air conditioned facilities with 3 meals a day with full medical and dental care.


Instructing jurors they must find someone “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” it too high a bar. This makes it so there must almost be a video of the crime being committed to justify finding someone guilty.

Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is what allowed OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman to get off scot-free when it was clear to many each of these individuals were GUILTY.

Rules should be changed so after hearing all the evidence, jurors would vote YES to convict if they believe the person is guilty as charged, or NO, if they believe the person is innocent.


When murders are found guilty, it can take years for them to be executed.

As soon as someone is found guilty, sentence should commence immediately. No more endless appeals or using mental illness or “being victimized as a child” as a defense. If you hurt someone, your gonna face the music… PERIOD.

It’s true there will be some innocent people found guilty as has always been the case throughout history. Fact is, we are all going to die sooner or later.

Back in the wild west days, murders got swift justice whereby they were sometimes hung as soon as they were caught or the day after they were caught they got a trial and after being found guilty, they were hung the next morning at sunrise.


If a terrorists is caught red-handed killing people and mowing them down with a vehicle… on the next day, there should be a trial and when found guilty, they should be tied to the back of a car and dragged through the streets.  After an hour or so if he’s still alive they should be subjected to a public stoning, beat with baseball bats, then hanged in public or their head cut off with a guillotine.


When a women is raped, it damages her soul and can cause a lifetime of hurt and rage. Their should be a special provision for TORTURE for the most egregious cases.

An example is cases where a man or men abducted women, held them hostage and repeatedly raped such as Ariel Castro (of the infamous House of Horrors in Cleveland, OH) abducted young girls, kept them held hostage for years and repeatably raped them. Prison is TOO GOOD for a POS like this.

To help a woman heal, I think a torture chamber should be provided for the woman and her family so they can torture her rapist with hot branding irons, tasers, racks, a baseball bat to beat the fuck out them. A paper cutting board (the type used in offices with a large wacker knife attached) and knives should also be available to cut his dick off if she wants. If he bleeds to death… too bad. That’s the price he’s gonna pay for being a monster and piece of shit human being.

Thieves and people who engage in domestic abuse should get cained.

The bible (Galatians 6:7) says “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”.

I was raised Catholic with strict parents who made what was right and wrong, very clear. My dad was in the Military. So my point of view is based on religious values and a clear grounding of what is right and wrong.