Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy Exposed

Trump constantly criticized President Obama for his golfing yet Trump now as President golfs WAY more than Obama ever did at a much higher cost to taxpayers.

This is another example of how Trump accuses others of that which HE is guilty.


Stephen Colbert Exposes Trump’s Hypocrisy on President Obama’s vacations



Trump Signs “Hire American” Order, Forgets His Companies Exploit Foreign Labor
Donald Trump signed an executive order today that will require agencies to use American goods and labor by closing certain loopholes, yet Trump himself uses overseas labor and foreign guest workers for his businesses


Donald Trump was against Wikileaks Assange. After Wikileaks Julian Assange helped Trump by releasing criminally hacked / stolen DNC emails, he now loves Wikileaks Julian Assange, proving he condones criminal activity, which let’s not forget helped TRUMP get elected.



Trump’s hypocrisy over immunity


Donald Trump Epic Hypocrisy on Climate Change

Donald Trump has shown that he is a hypocrite on the topic of climate change; a golf course he owns is part of the story