Devin Nunes Intelligence Committee Chairman Helping Trump


Rep. Devin Nunes has shown he is incapable of running an investigation into Donald Trump’s potentially treasonous ties to Russia. Nunes is more interested in protecting Trump and covering up than he is in getting to the truth.

Nunes does not just need to recuse himself from the investigation. It’s not enough for him to resign as chairman of the House Intelligence Comittee…. he needs to immediately resign his seat in Congress.

At every turn, Nunes, a member of the Trump transition team—has conspired with the Trump White House to undermine the FBI investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He has made his wildest allegations at moments when it could most distract from damaging revelations about the President and his team. In every instance, Nunes’ charges have proven to be baseless fabrications that crumble under the slightest scrutiny. His efforts are nothing more than deceptive political stunts, often carefully orchestrated with or at the direction of the White House.

In addition, Devin Nunes needs to be prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice. He has conspired with the White House to cast doubt on the investigation. He has refused to even share the source of his latest information with his committee. He has cancelled hearings that would shed more light on the investigation. Nunes has repeatedly acted like an agent of the Trump instead of an independent investigator. He has done nothing but obstruct justice from the beginning and should be prosecuted.


The recent “memo” Nunes has prepared and hyped up is another such stunt, a distortion of classified material provided by the FBI twisted to advance a political point. Moreover, its use in this manner violates the terms of an agreement Speaker Ryan and Chairman Nunes had with the Justice Department about how this highly sensitive information would be handled. Nunes has refused to share the memo with anyone outside the House Intelligence Committee who has access to the classified information upon which these claims are based. That includes the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee, as well as with Trump’s own appointees in the FBI and Justice Department. In doing so, Nunes has hidden the “memo” from anyone who could provide an independent assessment of its veracity. However, right-wing media figures have been fed the memo’s wild claims, and they have been relentlessly hyping its contents for more than a week.

This political stunt has real costs. By deploying his deceptive spin, Nunes may have jeopardized the original—and sensitive—classified information. A recent letter from the Justice Department, authored by a Trump political appointee, called Nunes’ effort to publicly release classified and sensitive law enforcement information “excessively reckless.” Nunes has been aided and amplified by Russian intelligence operatives online, as well as by Wikileaks, which Trump’s own CIA Director has described as a “hostile intelligence service helped by Russia.” It is this very Russian influence operation that the House Intelligence Committee is supposed to be investigating.

The Chairman of the Intelligence Committee has been derelict in his duty. His position is one of the most powerful in the entire legislature, placing Nunes among the eight members of Congress with access to America’s most closely held secrets. As Chairman, Nunes also oversees a professional intelligence committee staff, who he commandeered as pawns in his attack on U.S. intelligence and law enforcement. Not only has he inappropriately engaged them in a partisan effort, he may very well be hindering their efforts to determine the full extent of Russia’s interference in our election.

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Rep. Devin Nunes is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee and was forced to recuse himself from leading the investigation of the Trump team’s involvement with Russia after it was revealed he potentially disclosed classified information and lied to the public to cover up Trump’s close ties with Russia. “Someone who lies to the public, discloses classified information, and covered up the Trump Administration’s troubling ties to Russia isn’t fit to be in office,” said candidate for Congress Andrew Janz. “As a prosecutor, I spend every day protecting the people of California and hold criminals accountable. Next November, voters will hold Nunes accountable for his disturbing and unethical actions.”


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Does anyone REALLY think Nunes can pursue a FAIR & impartial Investigation?

This is a clear conflict of interest which Republicans seem to have no problem with.


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