David Koresh: A Sick POS

The Texas Siege: The Koresh gospel of sex and death: A Briton who fled

THE cult leader David Koresh has long prepared his besieged followers to embrace martyrdom in an apocalyptic shoot-out, according to a Briton who experienced life at the movement’s headquarters in Texas.

Various programs & documentaries has recently been showing about the 25th anniversary of Waco. A movie about Waco is also being released.

I think David Koresh was a Sick Piece of Shit Pervert and it seems like so many other issues, I’m one of the only people who has the guts to say this. Try doing a search on the internet for “David Koresh Sick” and you won’t find any other articles come up with this title.

This pervert brainwashed people into thinking he was some kind of holy being. Men twice Koresh’s size and strength unprotestingly allowed their wives to have sexual intercourse with this POS because he claimed the sole right to procreate. He also had sex with young girls as young as 11.

This is yet another example of how gullible and stupid some human beings are that they would believe in such as an obvious con-artist as Koresh, allow their wives and children to have sex with him and then die for him.

A report by Dr. Perry, an expert on traumatized children, and interviews with several counselors who worked with the children provide the first details from the young Branch Davidians themselves about their lives in the compound until they left in early March.

The report, which Dr. Perry wrote for the families of the children and any therapists who work with them in the future, characterizes the world described by the children as “a misguided paramilitary community” in which sex, violence, fear, love and religion were all intertwined.

Like other religious fanatics, David Koresh’s rein of brainwashing ended in disaster and death.

It’s amazing how many documentaries demonize the Government for going after Koresh. Some of these documentaries seem sympathetic to this nutcase… and that especially applies to right wingers. I guess that should come as no surprise since right wingers are usually on the wrong side of everything. They fully supported George Zimmerman who stalked and murdered Trayvon Martin.

If there’s a hell, I think this Sick Piece of Shit deserves to spend eternity there.