Trump, Bill Clinton & Others Connections to Jeffrey Epstein

NYT Details Epstein’s Deep Ties To Wall Street

How did some of the most powerful men on Wall Street end up tangled in Jeffrey Epstein’s web? New York Times Reporter Kate Kelly joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss her stunning reporting about Epstein’s connections. And Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Bill Cohan details how Epstein turned his personal connections into wealth.


America Elite’s Connection To Jeffrey Epstein

Mike Papantonio and Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins re-visit the saga of Jeffrey Epstein, this time focusing on his connections to BIG names in the tech and education fields. Even after news of sexual abuse allegations flooded the media, Epstein continued to rub shoulders with figures like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk at elaborate “billionaires’ dinners” hosted by the Edge Foundation, all while funneling money to MIT scientists to keep the institution’s research community in his corner.


Accuser tells US TV interview she was ‘trafficked’ to ‘abuser’ Prince Andrew

In an NBC News exclusive, Savannah Guthrie sits down with six women who have leveled sexual assault allegations against disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide in August. In her first TV interview, Virginia Roberts Giuffre details how Epstein directed her to have sex with other powerful men, including Britain’s Prince Andrew.


Trump Accused of Raping 13-Year-Old in Federal Lawsuit

Trump’s Alleged Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl Isn’t Going Away

Did newly elected US President, Donald Trump, rape a 13-year old girl in 1994 at one of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s notoriously wild sex parties? Trump had an upcoming civil court appearance to answer to the charge, but he was…

Video of Katie Johnson, previously known to the public as Jane Doe, giving a disturbing testimony where she alleges Donald Trump raped her in 1994

Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits

SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK—————————————————————JANE DOE, proceeding under a pseudonym, ) ) Plaintiff, )v. ) Case No.: )DONALD J. TRUMP and ) JURY TRIAL DEMANDEDJEFFREY E. EPSTEIN, ) ) Defendants. )————————————————————— SEXUAL ABUSE, FORCIBLE TOUCHING, ASSAULT, BATTERY, INTENTIONAL AND RECKLESS INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, DURESS, FALSE IMPRISONMENT, AND DEFAMATION______________________________________________________________________________ Plaintiff Jane Doe, proceeding under a pseudonym, brings this action against Donald J.

Copy of Katie Johnson Lawsuit above


Donald Trump is doing his best to distance himself from Jeffrey Epstein, but a new report by The New York Times has revealed that, in the 90’s, Donald and Epstein were the sole attendees at a party where 28 women were flown in


3 Women Sue Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, citing rape, other sex acts


Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Shares Story Of Alleged Rape


Years later, Epstein’s victims discuss the lasting impact of sexual abuse

Victims of Jeffery Epstein share the emotional toll that sexual abuse has taken on them — even years after the abuse occurred. Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown interviewed the young women, most speaking for the first time about Epstein.


How teen runaway Virginia Roberts became one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

Virginia Roberts was working at Mar-a-Lago when she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell to be a masseuse to Palm Beach hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein. She says she was groomed for sex with him and his associates, attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.


Epstein Accuser Says She Was Ordered To Have Sex With Powerful Men


This documentary exposes details not reported by the Main Stream Media (MSM) about Epstein


This documentary exposes details not reported by the Main Stream Media (MSM) about Epstein


Acosta broke law keeping lenient Epstein deal from victims

Rachel Maddow looks at the history of the prosecution of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for abusing underage girls, the lenient deal now-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta gave Epstein, and why a judge has ruled that deal illegal more than a decade later.


Jeffrey Epstein called ‘terrific’ by Trump

Trump friend Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with sex trafficking of underage girls. He pleaded not guilty. Trump’s now-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta gave Epstein what many critics called a sweetheart deal in 2008


Newly-Found Footage Shows Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein At A ’92 Party

Newly found footage from NBC News’ archives shows Donald Trump apparently talking about women with Jeffrey Epstein, now a registered sex offender, at a party at Mar-a-Lago in November 1992. The party was a decade before Epstein’s plea deal in Florida. The Morning Joe panel discusses.



Clinton’s Terrified As Secret Serve Preps Bombshell About Epstein’s Lolita Express


Alan Dershowitz’s Bizarre Epstein Defense – “I Kept My Underwear On!”


I found the above post on twitter about Dershowitz at

I have no way of knowing if the statements are accurate so I did some research. The article below states;

* Dershowitz first wife killed herself a decade after they separated
* Dershowitz once advocated for lowering the age of consent to 15. He wrote a 1997 op-ed for the Los Angeles Times advocating for the lowering of the age of consent to 14 or 15.
* Dershowitz married a younger woman Carolyn Cohen (then 33; he was 45).

5 Surprising Details From That ‘New Yorker’ Alan Dershowitz Profile

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Topline: A sprawling, nearly-14,000 word New Yorker profile of renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz’s relationship with and representation of registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein contained revelations about the Harvard law professor’s stance on the age of consent, his aggressive style both in the classroom and courtroom and a defamation case brought by one of Epstein’s alleged victims: His first wife killed herself a decade after they separated.


Epstein Scandal Just Got Crazier: Enter Ken Starr

“The mainstream media has largely ignored the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal, even though the details of the case keep getting crazier and crazier”.

Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”

In a furious twitter exchange with a Clinton aide on Friday, former secret service agent Dan Bongino threatened to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s 26 documented trips aboard notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

“Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”

“Flight Logs Put Clinton and Epstein’s attorney, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Lolita Express”


“Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book”


Inside Epstein’s Lolita Express where he allegedly flew underage girls

Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 airliner – dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ – is believed to be the site of some of the alleged sexual abuse to underage girls DailyMailTV got an exclusive look inside the luxury jet, as photos reveal plush furnishings, throw blankets, deep pile carpets, a bed and fluffy

According to the above article… in 2015, victim Virginia Roberts filed a lawsuit against the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, claiming that he recruited her as a ‘sex slave’ at the age of 15, sexually abusing her for years on his private jet as well as his various homes in New York, New Mexico, Florida, and the US Virgin Islands. Her alleged abusers included British royal Prince Andrew as well as Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz and both of their names appear on flight logs obtained by

Dershowitz is one of Epstein’s attorneys who helped arrange the “sweetheart deal’ for Epstein to only serve 1 1/2 years in jail where he could leave of up to 12 hours a day and stopped prosecution against others involved in the scandal. In legal documents Roberts claimed to have had sex with Dershowitz on the jet with another girl present.

Dershowitz appeared on flight logs 11 times in total, but he has vehemently denied the allegations.


Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ‘boasted of collecting compromising material on the rich and famous’

Stewart described Epstein, who was convicted of procuring minors for prostitution in 2007 but dodged federal charges and only served a 13-month sentence, as “unapologetic”. “His very notoriety, he said, was what made so many people willing to confide in him,” he wrote.

“Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ‘boasted of collecting compromising material on the rich and famous”