Chris Christie Bridge Gate Videos


Ex-Chris Christie Aide Blames Him For Bridgegate

“I worked for a bully… looking back now, I trusted way too many people,” Bridget Kelly, former deputy chief of staff to Chris Christie, says on the former New Jersey Governor.


Bridget Kelly Talks About ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal


Chris Christie Screwed NJ, Now America!


Governor Chris Christie ‘Flat Out Lied’

Matt Katz, reporter for WNYC radio, talks with Steve Kornacki about new details in the New Jersey bridge scandal in which documents show an aid to Governor Chris Christie accused Christie of lying about the involvement of senior staff in the bridge lane closures.


Thousands of people are still displaced by the storm and have not received any Hurricane Sandy aid money. Governor Chris Christ spent 2 million dollars more on ads which featured he and his family in the ads, than another ad agency which would not feature him in the ads. Chris Christie is facing questions over the use of Superstorm Sandy relief funds.

Feds investigate Christie’s use of Sandy relief funds – CNNPolitics

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is facing questions over the use of Superstorm Sandy relief funds.

Mayor Was Told to Expedite Project to get More Sandy Aid

Mayor: I was told to expedite project to get more Sandy aid

Top officials in Chris Christie’s administration appear to be linked to an effort to use Sandy relief funds to force the city of Hoboken to expedite a project that also happens to involve the law firm of the Port Authority chairman. Steve Kornacki talks about what Hoboken mayor is alleging.

Bridge Gate Scandal Videos

Proof Chris Christie IS a Bully

The above videos show that Governor Chris Christie IS a bully who exacts revenge against those who cross him


Did Chris Christie Shut Down a TV Station Because of a Critical Story?


5 NJ public school teachers wrongly punished

In Trenders, a CA Tea Party candidate releases a weird ad, while groups fight to stop TPP. Ed Schultz and Diane Ravitch discuss Newark Public School firings.

GWB scandal isn’t first for Christie

In 2010 a grand jury in Hunterdon County, New Jersey returned a forty-three count indictment of a local sheriff and her two deputies for abuse of power and misconduct. According to the New York Times, the sheriff was an active supporter of Governor Christie.