Brian Kemp Sucks for Blocking Georgia Voters

Who is Brian Kemp? Narrated by Tara Strong

Georgie Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R. GA), who is also running for Governor, is the one who gets to decide who gets to vote. Kemp has a long history of voter suppression and making it harder for minorities to vote. Especially now that Stacey Abrams (D. GA) could be the first black female governor. How did Kemp go from to disenfranchising African American voters to running campaign ads threatening to round up illegal immigrants on a bus? Tara Strong explains.


Brian Kemp Holding Up 53K Voter Registrations As He Runs For Governor

Rachel Maddow reports on Brian Kemp, secretary of state for Georgia, who has not stepped down from that job even though he is running for governor, putting over 53,000 new, disproportionately black voter registrations on hold just a month ahead of the election


With less than a month until the midterms, the race for governor in Georgia is a toss up. Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams joins Morning Joe to discuss the races and the more than 53,000 voter registration applications on hold in the state.

According to videos and reports, Republican Governor Candidate Brian Kemp is obstructing and violating Democracy by blocking thousands Voters from voting in an attempt to RIG the election for himself.

This is typical of the authoritarian dictator tactics we’ve been seeing for years out of Republicans.  This is why Russia and Putin wants to help Republicans… because their anti-democratic, fascist THUG tactics & policies aligns well with those of Russia.


Three Quarters of a Million Voters Purged by Brian Kemp (w/ Greg Palast)

Brian Kemp. Georgia’s current secretary of state and Gubernatorial hopeful under the Republican party for Georgia is working hard to guarantee his nomination by purging thousands of voters, mostly democrats and people of color, off the voter rolls.


Brian Kemp Fails to Protect Georgia’s Voter Records

Rachel Maddow reviews some of the scandals and embarrassments suffered by Georgia’s election system with Brian Kemp as secretary of state.


Opinion | Brian Kemp, Enemy of Democracy

An expert on voter suppression, he will help keep Georgia red.

Georgia’s Republican candidate for governor is blocking 53,000 voter registrations

Seventy percent of the registrations placed in limbo by Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office are from African Americans.