Boycott Donald Trump

Change channels anytime you see TRUMP or his Surrogates on TV. Here’s why…

• Trump ran one of the most hateful, mean spirited campaigns in history
• LIED more than any other candidate in history (Fact checkers found Trump lies up to 91% of the time)
• Trump couldn’t accept the fact that he Lost the Popular Vote by over 2 ..Million votes so he LIED by claiming Hillary’s lead was due to “People ..who voted illegally”
• Claims he “Knows More Than the Generals”
• Praises Dictators
• Admitted he Gropes Women and “can do anything he wants” to women
• Made Fun of a Handicapped Person
• Disrespected Veterans
• Vengeful, Childish, UN-Presidential Behavior
• Twitter Tirades at 3:00 AM
• Insulted President Obama for years claiming he wasn’t a US Citizen

There are some who say we must unite behind Trump for the good of the country. I say “No way in Hell!”


I’ll never forget how Rush Limburger said he wanted Obama to fail when Obama became President.  Well that’s how I feel about TRUMP and I make no apologies. Millions of Republicans never accepted Barack Obama as president… including Republican congressmen who did everything possible to de-rail everything President Obama tried to accomplish.

Unlike Obama, Trump and Pence set new records for LYING and engaging in reprehensible conduct.

This goes to show how low, rotten and immoral the standards have become where you can lie with impunity, brag about groping Women, threaten to have your opponent arrested & imprisoned, make fun of Handicapped people, be clueless about major issues, post vengeful tweets all over twitter and still get elected President of the United States, the so-called leader of the free world where there’s no real democracy and election are rigged by an antiquated Electoral College which rewards the LOSER of the popular vote with the Presidency.

I will NEVER ever accept Trump, Pence or any other RePukelican as my President. I want to see Trump FAIL and to be IMPEACHED.  That is what he & his HUGE ego deserves.

The MAJORITY of US Citizens Voted Against TRUMP and do not want him to be President. Make your voice heard by BOYCOTTING TRUMP. Don’t Watch his Inauguration, his State of the Union Address or any other appearance for as long as he’s President.

#BoycottTrump  #TurnOffTrump  #NotMyPresident