Belarus Should Be Given Ultimatum to Release Journalist

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The United United Nations and every Democratic country on planet earth should (under threat of war) demand the immediate release of Journalist Roman Protasevich.

Dictator Alexander Lukashenko using his warplanes to force a sovereign country’s plane, (Ryanair flight from Greece to Lithuania) to land in Minsk is outrageous criminal behavior which should not stand.

Dictator Alexander Lukashenko staying in power against the will of the people is another outrage which should not stand. People around the world are FED UP with Anti-Democratic Fascist Dictators.

Fascist Dictators who expect everyone to kiss their ass (wanna-be dictators or otherwise) are a threat to ALL who demand & deserve Democracy as a Human Right.


Belarus ‘Outrageous’ Plane Diversion to Arrest journalist Roman Protasevich


Alexander Lukashenko Exposed


Outrage as Ryanair plane “hijacked” by Belarus to arrest dissident journalist – BBC News

Belarus has been accused of hijacking a European passenger plane and engaging in “state terrorism”, after it forced a Ryanair flight to perform an emergency landing in Minsk and arrested an opposition blogger, who is critical of the country’s authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko.

The Ryanair plane had been flying from Greece to Lithuania when it was diverted to the Belarusian capital, where the journalist Roman Protasevich was detained by police. State media in Belarus said the plane was forced to land because of a bomb scare.

There’s been a chorus of condemnation across Europe. The British foreign secretary said the action by the Belarusian authorities would have “serious implications”.


Lithuania calls for detained activist’s release after Belarus president diverts plane to Minsk


Belarusians file ‘state torture’ case against Lukashenko in Germany

Ten Belarusians have filed a legal complaint in Germany against Alexander Lukashenko for crimes against humanity. The complaint is over alleged acts of systemic “torture” committed by security services during the crackdown on pro-democracy protests, the German federal prosecutor’s office, based in Karlsruhe, announced on Wednesday.


[Investigation] Exclusive: Lukashenko plotted murders in Germany

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko authorised political murders in Germany in recent years, according to a sensational recording of his former spy-chief obtained and published by EUobserver. The Germany attacks never took place, but the plot, which discussed use of explosives and poison, shows the danger posed to EU states by his rogue regime.


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