Americans for Prosperity Lies and Republican Support

Americans for Prosperity runs ads supporting Republican candidates and the Right Wing Agenda. They run ads attacking and discrediting Democrat Candidates to get Republican candidates elected. Here’s just a few reasons why EVERYONE should ignore Americans for Prosperity ads;

  • Republicans have voted over 50 times to deny Affordable Health Care to Millions of Americans and wasted Millions of Dollars in the process.
  • Republicans Government Shut Down Cost over 24 Billion Dollars
  • Republicans want to cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security
  • Republicans voted to cut 39 Billion from food assistance to the Poor
  • Republicans have Refused to extend Unemployment Assistance to over 1.6 Million Americans.
  • Republicans have passed Voter Obstruction laws in States they control such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida
  • Republicans have passed War on Women laws in States they Control and shut down almost ALL of the Family Planning Clinics in Texas.
  • Republicans in Arizona tried to pass a law Legalizing Discrimination
  • Republicans and Bought and Paid for by the RICH and are for giving Tax Breaks to the $RICH$
  • Our National Debt could be reduced significantly IF taxes were increase on the Rich, but Republicans REFUSE to make the Rich pay their fair share.

Here’s a list of False claims and statements from Americans for Prosperity as reported by


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