ABC Entertainment Sucks For Blocking Youtube Video Sharing

(screen shot of video which was on this site)

Some time ago, (perhaps years) I posted a video on this site exposing how Joe Wilson yelled at President Obama “You Lie”, which I found to be an outrage. I’m sure Republicans would react the same if a Democrat were to yell “You Lie” at Trump.


(Screen shot of ABC Entertainment Notice)

I noticed the above statement saying the video was blocked today Nov 18, 2019 when I tried to play the “You Lie” video.

The notice reads; “Video unavailable This video contains content from ABC Entertainment, who has blocked it from display on this website or application. Watch on YouTube”

Well, they can EAT SHIT and SUCK A BIG ONE. I’m not sending ANY traffic from this site to ASSHOLES.

If they thought I would just be quite and say nothing, they are sadly mistaken. When someone fucks with me or does something which I feel is wrong, I let others know about it by exercising my first amendment rights and post my opinions on the Internet.

I deleted their piece of shit video, got the same content from another source and posted in BACK on my page.

So they accomplished NOTHING except pissing me off, losing my family as viewers of their news, getting LESS views to the “Joe Wilson You Lie” video and proving themselves to be IDIOTS & ASSHOLES.

If I ever get the right opportunity, I will publicly call them out in front of their viewers for being idiots & assholes over their Youtube Video Sharing / Blocking Practices.

ABC Entertainment Sucks