List of 47 Republicans Who Committed Treason with Iran Letter


List and phone numbers of the 47 Republican senators who signed letter to Iran to scuttle a peace agreement.

Every one of them should be called by people who are outraged by their treasonous action to undermine our President. ALL should be tried for treason.

Tom Cotton AR (202) 224-2353  This traitor is responsible for the letter
Ted Cruz TX 202) 224-5922
Rand Paul KY 202-224-4343
Marco Rubio FL 202-224-3041
John McCain AZ 202-224-2235
Mitch McConnell KY 502-582-6304
Lindsey Graham SC 202-224-5972
Orrin Hatch UT 202-224-5251 (this idiot was a supporter of worst Supreme Court Justice ever, Clarence Thomas – )
Charles Grassley IA 202-224-3744
Richard Shelby AL 202-224-5744
James Inhofe OK 202-224-4721
Pat Roberts KS 202-224-4774
Jeff Sessions AL 202-224-4124
Michael Enzi WY 202-224-3424
Michael Crapo ID 202-224-6142
John Cornyn TX 202-224-2934
Richard Burr NC 202-224-3154
John Thune SD 202-224-2321
Johnny Isakson GA 202-224-3543
David Vitter LA 202-224-4623
John A. Barrasso WY 202-224-6441
Roger Wicker MS 202-224-6253
Jim Risch ID 202-224-2752
Mark Kirk IL 202-224-2854
Roy Blunt MO 202-224-5721
Jerry Moran KS 202-224-6521
Rob Portman OH 202-224-3353
John Boozman AR 202-224-4843
Pat Toomey PA 202-224-4254
John Hoeven ND 202-224-2551
Ron Johnson WI 202-224-5323
Mike Lee UT 202-224-5444
Kelly Ayotte NH 202-224-3324
Dean Heller NV 202-224-6244
Tim Scott SC 202-224-6121
Deb Fischer NE 202-224-6551
Shelley Capito WV 202-224-6472
Bill Cassidy LA 202-224-5824
Cory Gardner CO 202-224-5941
James Lankford OK 202-224-5754
Steve Daines MT 202-224-2651
Mike Rounds SD 202-224-5842
David Perdue GA 202-224-3521
Thom Tillis NC 202-224-6342
Joni Ernst IA 202-224-3254
Ben Sasse NE 202-224-4224
Dan Sullivan AK 202-224-3004