Russia Rigging The 2020 Election for Trump

Trump had secrete meetings with Putin in which he demanded no notes or records be kept. This has never happen before with past presidents, and indicate that possible inappropriate and illegal agreements were made.

In my opinion, those meetings were about how Putin would be helping Trump keep the Presidency, using all of the the hacking and interference tools Russia has available.


An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes

An 11-year-old boy on Friday was able to hack into a replica of the Florida state election website and change voting results found there in under 10 minutes during the world’s largest yearly hacking convention, DEFCON 26, organizers of the event said.

As stated in the above article, some states election security are so bad, they’ve been hacked by kids.


Russian Hackers ‘Breached’ 39 States’ Election Rolls

Russia’s cyberattack on the U.S. electoral system before-and during-President Trump’s election was much more widespread than was publicly reported, Bloomberg News reports. Russian hackers hit systems in at least 39 states, with incursions into software systems and voter databases in nearly twice as many states as had been previously reported.

Russia has some of the best hackers in the world. As stated in the article above, “Russian Hackers Breached 39 States Election Rolls”.

Since some states election security is horrible, it would be an easy task for Russian Hackers to flip election results. This is something no one is discussing.


In the above video, a computer programmer (Clint Curtis) testified that in October of 2000, he wrote a program for a prominent Florida Republican, Tom Feeney which could flip votes and would be undetectable. In September 2006, Feeney was named one of the “20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress”.

Technology since 2000 has progressed at an astounding rate.


As shown in the 2 shocking videos above, the 2004 election was rigged by Ohio Republicans for George W. Bush… a fact you never hear discussed by Democrats or the News Media.

The fact Republicans were able to do this and get away with it proves it could be done again. Russians have already penetrated U.S. voter systems, so they could conceivably flip votes on a massive scale.


Trump & Putin both obtained things they wanted…. Trump got the Presidency, and Putin, a long list of things in return.

As we have already seen, Republicans will do ANYTHING to seize and maintain power… including Gerrymandering, Voter Purges and Voter Obstruction. They have parroted Putin’s talking points. They defended Trump’s LAWLESS conduct which caused him to be impeached by House Democrats.

Not one Republican had the decency, patriotism or courage to vote in favor of Impeaching Trump.

Since Republicans have proven they will lie & deny facts, do what ever it takes to protect Trump, do anything to attain & keep power, IMO they’ve proven their capable of rigging the 2020 Election, with Russia / Putin’s help if needed so Trump is Re-elected, keep the Senate and take the House of Representatives back.


Here’s a list of things Putin and Russia has gotten as a result of helping Trump to become President.


Putin’s Goal: Weaken and divide the transatlantic alliance.
Putin’s Payout:Trump undermines US relationships with European allies and calls the US’s commitment to NATO into question.

Putin’s Goal: Degrade the European Union and foster pro-Russian political movements.
Putin’s Payout:Trump attacks the EU and actively supports anti-EU, Kremlin-backed parties.

Putin’s Goal: Disrupt American leadership and dominance of the global economic order.
Putin’s Payout: Trump is eagerly pushing for an all-out trade war with Europe

Putin’s Goal: Build global resentment and distrust towards the US and stoke anti-American sentiment.
Putin’s Payout: America’s closest allies are explicitly suspicious and distrusting of the US because of Trump’s rhetoric and actions.

Putin’s Goal: Relieve economic and domestic political pressure from US sanctions on Russia.
Putin’s Payout: Trump tries to roll back, impede, and blunt the impact of sanctions at every step.

Putin’s Goal: Legitimize his regime in the eyes of the world.
Putin’s Payout: Trump repeatedly praises and defends Putin, lending the credibility of the US presidency to Putin’s standing.

Putin’s Goal: Revive Russia’s status as a great power and gain international recognition for its illegal seizure of Crimea.
Putin’s Payout:Trump publicly says that Crimea is part of Russia and calls for Russia to be welcomed back into the international community with no concessions.

Putin’s Goal: Continue to sow discord in Western democracies and avoid repercussions for interfering in American and European elections.
Putin’s Payout: Trump dismisses Russian interference and has done nothing to prevent future interference, putting him at odds with his own intelligence community.

Putin’s Goal: Soften America’s adversarial stance toward Russia.
Putin’s Payout: Trump is shifting the Republican Party’s generations-long hawkish views on Russia.

Putin’s Goal: Destabilize the US from within.
Putin’s Payout: Trump attacks US institutions while driving divisive politics and eroding democratic norms.

Putin’s goal: Advance the Kremlin’s narrative to shape global perceptions.
Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly, and inexplicably, parroted Kremlin talking points across a range of global issues.

Putin’s goal: Undermine international norms and democratic values abroad.
Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly failed to respond to human rights violations or support democracy abroad, creating a more permissive environment for autocrats to crack down.

PLUS much more…


Did Russia help elect Trump?



The Trump Campaign Signaled That They Will Cheat in the 2020 Election

Lorie Shaull/Wikicommons Given what we’ve already seen from Donald Trump, I don’t think it is possible to fathom the depths to which he will go to cheat in the 2020 election. That isn’t simply because, by exonerating him, Senate Republicans will give him carte blanche to do as he will.

The above graphics prove Republicans are ALWAYS the most lawless, corrupt and unscrupulous. It’s in their DNA to be neanderthals bullies who are ruthless, selfish and used to doing what-ever it takes to get their way.


The above video shows how conservatives and liberals brains are different.


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